Anonymous asked: A lot of your photos feature personal aspects of your life (self-mutilation, illegal activity, etc). Are you ever worried that law enforcement, employers, professors, friends or family, might judge or reprimand you based on this type of subject matter? Has anyone ever "called you out" on it before? Personally, I think it is courageous and inspiring that you do not hide nor are ashamed of these things that make you who you are.

I am not worried about anybody judging the muse behind my work. Ultimately, the thing that has always driven my photography is my mental illness. I’m inspired by illegal activities and nudity. No, nobody has ever called me out on it. Not since I’ve gone to school for photography. I have submitted most of those “jarring” images for school assignments, and as they sometimes may make the class feel uneasy- the professor is never taken aback and if anything, challenges me more. 

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

perfect Layla